WPO Group Srl, with its registered office at Via Monte Napoleone, 8, Milan (MI) - 20121, Italy, as the data controller for 1921tshirt.com, meets all requirements for the protection of personal data in accordance with the Italian Data Protection Law. All data under the responsibility of 1921tshirt.com are subject to corresponding technical and organizational protection measures to ensure their confidentiality. As the data controller for 1921tshirt.com, which can be contacted at the following address info@1921tshirt.com, it informs you, pursuant to European Regulation No. 679/2016 on the processing of personal data "European Privacy Regulation," that it processes the personal data provided by you. The data provided by the user include, among other things, their contact details (first and last name, billing and delivery address, date of birth) and optionally the email address and phone number, to be able to connect quickly with the user when it is necessary to clarify issues related to their order, service, bank coordinates, or credit card details to make payment for purchases; if the profile was created online, the preferences or interests stored in the profile and contact details and history if the user has contacted 1921tshirt.com through the contact page. All personal data provided to us are recorded in a file for which 1921tshirt.com is responsible and are used primarily for the following purposes:

a) Management of general administration and relations with 1921tshirt.com. If the user has provided us with their data in relation to an order or the purchase of a product, their personal data will be used for purposes related to their order. If the user has provided us with their data in relation to special promotions, events, applications (mobile phone), etc., their data will be used to send them information related to the desired service or the respective promotion or special event. If the user has provided us with their personal data in connection with a "contact," their data will be used to process or respond to a request if necessary. b) Information about the latest news from 1921tshirt.com, products, and/or services offered by 1921tshirt.com through all media, including email or similar, if the user has given their consent to be contacted for this purpose. Users' personal data are not segmented, assigned to third parties, or used for purposes other than those mentioned above.

If the user does not wish to receive information about new products or special promotions related to 1921tshirt.com's products and/or services, the user must select the field to refuse our company's newsletters, which will be displayed when entering their data. If the user specifies the personal data of a third party, they must have previously informed the third party and obtained their consent for the information provided here.

There are no hyperlinks on our website that allow users' data to be forwarded to other sites. There is also no invisible processing of personal information. If necessary, the user can exercise their right to access, correction, deletion, and objection. To do this, they must send an email to info@wipeoutmilano.com.

For these reasons, we assume that a user who enters their data and selects the corresponding field displayed in the context of the data collection explicitly authorizes us to process their data in accordance with the above description.